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These fast-acting peach gummies will add some zip to your day with their bubbly blend of 30+ uplifting terpenes.

“Wana’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of the cannabis plant. That means using only the highest quality ingredients, investing in cutting-edge innovation, consistency, and giving back to all the communities we serve.

Wana has spent years fine-tuning their recipes to create delicious, euphoric products. With Wana’s recipes in hand, we bring their formulas to life for both medical and recreational consumers.

Vegan & Gluten-Free

Made with all-natural, organic ingredients, Wana gummies are impervious to hot weather.

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Green Kush #2 is a cross between Green Crack x Purple Kush.

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Pineapple Express is a cross between Trainwreck x Hawaiian

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Microdose major shut-eye. With a 1:4 ratio of THC to CBN and a unique blend of terpenes, deeper sleep is just a juicy cherry bite away. 2.5mg THC : 10mg CBN per bite | 50mg THC: 200mg CBN per package.


Relaxing Terpenes

More CBN per bite

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